Who We Are...

“You have such a crystal clear approach and seemed to just answer the questions that were in my head….”

Jo Stockdale, Well Within Reach Founder, Lead Trainer and Consultant

Jo is Well Within Reach’s founder, lead trainer and consultant.
Her interesting, unexpected (and ongoing!) journey began more than 15 years ago; starting in the creative sector and leading to education, emotional health, and eventually towards young brain development and ‘person-centredness’; the theories and science which underpin the healthy development of every person.

Jo now specialises in making it easy for both parents and practitioners to understand action basic brain development; particularly around impact of adversity and distress in childhood; social and emotional competence, and wellbeing issues such as resilience and self-esteem.

As well as being Well Within Reach’s lead trainer, Jo also provides consultancy support to help organisations to meaningfully plan for ‘decode’ and evidence the impacts and changes usually referred to as ‘soft skills’, especially for more vulnerable children.

She is the creator of numerous resources designed to support practitioners in the CYP sector, as well as young people themselves; find out more on our Project Resources and Toolkits and Social & Emotional Learning pages.

Additionally, Jo is trained in
Dyadic Developmental Practice (ref; Dan Hughes), is a trustee of LCVYS and also tries to practice what she preaches in her most important role as a mum! 

Usha Mahenthiralingam, Associate Trainer

Usha is Well Within Reach’s trainer in ‘Retained Reflexes’, Creativity and Play. Find out more on our Training page.

She is an interdisciplinary artist, creative mentor and trainer, with a wealth of experience in using the transformative power of somatic and developmental movement, creativity, the arts and nature to support flourishing wellbeing in groups and individuals.

Usha has specialist knowledge about the impact of movement in early brain development and, in recent years, has made it her mission to study and develop her practice around the illuminating world of ‘retained primitve reflexes’, which influence the developmental progression
of children from birth, potentially throughout life.

Inspired by her recent training in the practice of ‘Rhythmic Movement’, Usha’s provides practitioners and parents with essential knowledge and practical tools to help understand and mitigate the developmental compromises associated with retained reflexes.
Find out more about this workshop on our training page).

Stephen Jon, Associate Trainer

For over twenty years, Stephen has focused on creative delivery and facilitation for a wide range of disadvantaged groups and their supporting communities.

His work investigates the interface between the individual and collaborative processes of creativity, and between art and therapy.
Stephen has studied drama-therapy; not to be a drama therapist; but to support his work with vulnerable people.
He brings this diverse knowledge-base and experience to Well Within Reach, all enhanced by his parallel career as a specialist mask and puppet maker.

In recent years, Stephen has  worked with the University of Nottingham to create interactive neuroscientific artwork in collaboration with the Physics Dept (M.R.I.), and the Institute for Mental Health.
One of his sculptures; a giant 3D sculpture mapping the human brain; was exhibited at The Royal Society Science Exhibition 2018.