Tailorable Resources & Products

“The session plan helped students to identify their stress, anger and anxieties; and what triggered these; and offered strategies to help learners deal with them.”

Existing Resources To Make Your Own...


If you don’t have the need, time or funds to create a brand new resource from scratch, we can work with you to design a tailored-made version of five of our best resources, outlined below.
You can choose your product name, and tailor the content and design elements according to your own organisation needs and branding.

Just drop us a message here to chat through your needs and budget, even if you want something more bespoke. Find out more about these and our other Resources & Toolkits here.

Emotional Learning

Psychoeducation Resources

This pack of 12 creative lesson plans helps children aged 8+ to learn about specific wellbeing topics, and how those affect them as individuals.

Each plan is based on  practical and engaging activities which help children meaningfully learn the competencies to navigate their social and emotional lives, rather than merely offering ‘coping skills’.

All lesson plans come with guidance notes for facilitators, three Learning Outcomes, and a short list of super-simple resources that you’ll need.

They are designed for young people to use through group work, with 1:1 support, or to  self-guide their own learning independently. Thus, there are two versions of the resources for learners; one with instructions and one with out, making them flexible according to their needs.

Each lesson plan covers a specific  subject, such as emotional awareness, relationship skills, controlling anger, managing anxiety and asking for help.

To enquire about creating your own version of these resources, enquire here.

Child-Centred Development

Interactive Card Pack

This pack of 30 cards; 26 A-Z, plus 4 ‘wild cards’; are designed for any setting which supports the healthy development of children and young people. 

They are super-flexible, being designed to work across all age range abilities. 

Each card provides a theoretical insight for practitioners, with associated practical and adaptable activities for young people to learn playfully and creatively about that subject too.

These interactive cards can be used to strengthen a whole host of social and emotional competencies, critical thinking and self-leadership skills, and are already making a huge impact in other settings! Read more here! 

Enquire about creating your own version of the cards here.

Emotionally Well Early Years

thriving little minds
Framework & Activities

‘Wellbeing’ can be difficult to define at anytime, but especially so from birth-5 years.

This resource uses the natural affinity of EY children to be playful, curious and creative to define a simple framework of wellbeing in the early years. 

Designed to enable any setting to confidently strengthen EY social and emotional competence, the framework is accompanied by a set of related activities for both practitioners and parents to use with children, anywhere, at any time and with little or no resource requirements, to ensure you can put your learning into practice. 

Enquire about creating your own version of our Early Years Creative Wellbeing Framework and activity set here.

Trauma, ACE's & Other Challenges

Actionable Staff Handbook

This handbook is designed to help settings make simple sense of – and to overcome – the underlying problems which often show up in recurring issues with engagement, motivation, behaviour, sensory needs,  communication and young people’s general capacity to thrive. 

Divided in specific themes; i.e. Sensory Supportive Spaces, Self-Awareness, Learning Resistance and Refusal, Strengths-Based Approaches, Sense of Belonging and Communication; the handbook provides a simple process to help practitioners to decode what’s going on beneath the surface, and thus address that from the root cause, rather than just the ‘symptom’ that it presents.

Enquire about creating your own version of this handbook here.

Relationship-Based Practice

Theory & Practice Cards

This resource is designed to strengthen the relationships between young people and practitioners. 

Incorporating 30 postcards, one side which provides a theoretical insight for practitioners, and the other offering a range of actionable tools and techniques to implement that in practice, this easy-to-use resource can be used as part of planned activity, or in response to particular issues as and when they arise. 

With a particular focus on ‘Good Beginnings’,  the cards offer all kinds of simple but transformational insights around neuroscience, brain chemistry, nervous system dysregulation, person-centredness and more.

Enquire about creating your own version of our Relationship- Based Practice Cards here.