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“From the visual representation of learners’ emotional experiences over a 24 hour timeline, helpful information emerged relating to their stressful home lives and general high anxiety levels.”.

Helping Young People To Thrive, Not Just Survive...

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 We create physical, practical resources and products, to help bring theoretical insights to life, or to add value to our services and the knowledge that we share.
Tailor-made for your programme or organisation’s unique needs, they can be designed to leave a legacy to a partnership, to extend and sustain the impact of programmes, or a simple commission.

Whatever you may need them for, they can be made to use directly with young people, or to support professional learning and development.
Below are a few examples, some of which can be made re-created for your agency. Find out more here.  

Resources For Practitioner Learning & Development

"Join The Dots"

Trauma-Informed Handbook

Created for a secondary school which was experiencing recurring problems with learners’ engagement, willingness to stay in class and general capacity to thrive in school, “Join The Dots” is a booklet designed to helps staff to overcome some of their learners’ most common  – but often unclear – barriers to learning. 

Each of the six themes covered; Sensory Supportive Learning, Self-Awareness, Classroom Refusal and Learning Resistance, Strengths-Based Approaches, Sense of Belonging and Communication; decode what’s going on beneath the surface, enabling staff to ‘join the dots’ by identifying, and thus addressing the root cause of the problem, rather than just the ‘symptom’ that it presents.

"Thriving Little Minds"

thriving little minds
Early Years Brains Development

Thriving Little Minds is a resource developed to support the healthy development of Early Years children across Kirklees in Yorkshire. In partnership with Evoke and a range of settings for education, care and parents, Thriving Little Minds comprises a framework to describe the essential characteristics of Curiosity, Creativity and authentic Play; a set of accompanying activities to strengthen these competencies, and a simple evaluation tools to measure the impacts of those activities..

"Your Time Starts Now"

Relationship-Based Classrooms

Your Time Starts Now” is a resource created to help teachers and pastoral staff to support student wellbeing; especially those  whose transition from primary to secondary school was disrupted by the pandemic.

With a particular focus on ‘Good Beginnings’, each of the 30 cards within the resource firstly provide a theoretical insight for staff – i.e. neuroscience, brain chemistry, nervous system dysregulation, person-centred approaches etc.; and secondly a set of activities and discussion prompts for them to lead with learners, to support time at school that begins – and thus continues – well.

Resources To Use With Children & Young People

One in six school-aged young people now meet the diagnostic criteria for a mental health diagnosis; ‘coping skills’ and a one-size-fits-all curriculum are clearly not were enough.
How do they learn to understand the factors which affect their psychological wellbeing? How do they develop the skills to recognise and respond to a decline in their own? How do they know how to protect and nurture it independently?

Below are some examples of the practical resources and creative psychoeducation activities we design to help children – and those who work with them – to meaningfully learn what it really means to be, and stay, emotionally healthy.

"A Good Mind To THRIVE!"

Emotional Learning in Practice

This flexible pack of 30 cards is designed to support healthy, person-centred development of young people of all ages and abilities across a range of settings.

A development from ‘C is for Creativity… and 29 Other Ways to Nurture Healthy Young Minds’, a commission by IVE, the 26 A-Z cards, and four ‘Wild Cards’,  can each be used creatively and playfully by both children and grown-ups to support and strengthen a whole host of competencies.

"Pip & Acorn's Little Notes"

Strengthening Self-Esteem

Pip & Acorn’s Little Notes‘ is a unique yet simple resource which cultivates numerous aspects of emotional health, and can be used in any setting where there are people!
Featuring eight illustrated designs, each Little Note simply enables a grown-up, or child, to offer affirmative, strengths-based feedback to somebody else.

The Little Notes help develop all kinds of wellbeing competencies; self-awareness, empathy, resilience and more; and can be used simply in the spirit of emotionally intelligent practice, or to help children with specific issues, such as transition and change, loss, low self-esteem and relationship struggles.
Find more info on our resources page 

"I Can Change My Mind"

Psychoeducation Curriculum

This pack of 12 flexible lesson plans enables children to learn about specific aspects of wellbeing; i.e. relationships, anger and anxiety and asking for help; and how these affect them as individuals.

Developed in partnership with Lincolnshire Council for Voluntary Youth Services; a network providing support for children aged 8+, especially those affected by isolation, in traveller communities, young farmers, those who are home-educated or excluded; the resources are designed to help young people through group work, 1:1 support, and to self-guide their learning for those that can.

Impact on Learners' Wellbeing…

“The activity opened a dialogue about self-awareness, what strategies young people already employ, and what they could do differently in stressful situations.
Our Learning Support Assistant commented how the visual representation of learner’s stress levels over a 24 hour time line had highlighted helpful information related to their stressful home lives and general high anxiety levels.”

Study Programme Manager for 14-19 Education, Derbyshire County Council

If you want to know more, or are interested in developing teaching & learning resources or a CPD session for your service, just get in touch.