Features and Publications

“Thank you so much for the ‘Young People’s Wellbeing’ report.
What a brilliant read!
‘ll do my best to get it read by as many people as possible and I’m sure we can begin to make a difference.”

In addition to our training and consultancy, we also create written material for a range of audiences, to share knowledge and understanding about various aspects of emotional competence, wellbeing, learning and all-round healthy development in childhood. 
These may come in the form of evidence-based papers, evaluation reports, online content and contributions to wider pieces of research and publications. 
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Creativity, Learning and Wellbeing

Guide For Education Professionals

Jo Stockdale authored this paper for East Young People’s Creative Agency TMC, to emphasise the essential role of wellbeing in learning, and the valuable role that creativity can play in that.

Designed for school leaders and educators, this evidence-based report makes neuroscience accessible, explaining how to cultivate healthy brains which are learning-ready, resilient and able to recover from the impacts of adversity and stress. Download the full report here.

BBC on The Teenage Brain

The Neuroscience Of Adolescence

In collaboration with the BBC, this web article was created to help both parents and adolescents themselves to understand the changes that take place in the teenage brain.

It explains some of the associated challenges such as sleep, decision making and forward planning, and exactly why teenagers are likely to be much more emotionally charged than adults or younger children.
Click here to read the full article.

In an Octupus's Garden Evaluation Report

Music In Children's Critical Care

This report is the culmination of an 18 month partnership with Wishing Well, which brings live musical interactions to bedsides at Brighton’s Royal Alexandra Children’s Critical Care wards.

The nature of the practice; particularly work with babies and children with complex needs, serious injury and trauma; means that it is incredibly difficult to reliably observe and record the ‘evidence’.
We helped to decode the profound but usually invisible impacts of the programme. Download the report here

The Sound of the Next Generation

National Research On Social Impact Report

‘The Sound of the Next Generation’ is a comprehensive review of children and young people’s relationship with music, published by Youth Music and social research agency Ipsos MORI.

Well Within Reach has been involved in a number of Youth Music funded projects and so we were asked to contribute to this report.
Visit Youth Music to find out more or to download the report.

“Thank you for an excellent piece of work. It has had me gripped all day! 
I have massive concerns about how our young people are going to be disadvantaged socially, mentally and, according to this paper, academically as well. Your report explains it all so well , and is going to be so useful to so many.”