Discounted Pip & Acorn for Self-Esteem Workshop


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‘Have you ever noticed how it feels when somebody tells you about the wonderful and special little things they value in you, when you maybe didn’t notice yourself?

Or when they help you feel a little less sad or anxious, and a bit more reassured or resilient instead?’ That’s what Pip & Acorn’s Little Notes are for!

Featuring eight beautifully illustrated designs, this unique resource is created to use and strengthen the adult-child (or child-child) relationship to nurture emotional health; self-esteem, self-awareness, resilience, empathy, and more.

Designed to work their magic in homes, schools and various other settings, Pip & Acorn’s Little Notes help young people to grow, bloom and flourish! Get your tin of 32 Little Notes here for ONLY £9.99, P&P is FREE!

“As You Fall Asleep Tonight, I Want You To Think About Unicorns, And You Can Be In Wonderland”…

What difference do Pip & Acorn make?

I bought Pip and Acorn’s Little Notes as I wanted my children to appreciate each other a bit more, in between the constant fighting! I thought it would help bring out more positivity. And OMG, it did!

I was waiting for the right moment to bring it out and explain the purpose of it.
They were super excited and straight away started to think about what are they going to write and for who.
And not just family members, they also want to include friends!
So I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you, this is very helpful!

Here is what my 6 year old son wrote for his little sister…”
As you fall asleep tonight, I want you to think about unicorns, and you can be in Wonderland…



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