A Good Mind To THRIVE; Custom-Designed A-Z Cards



One of our most versatile and popular products, A Good Mind To THRIVE consists of 30 uniquely designed cards, each created to strengthen a different aspect of emotional wellbeing, social skills, and all-round healthy development.

There are 26 A-Z, plus 4 ‘wild cards’; are designed for any setting which supports the healthy development of children and young people.  They are super-flexible, being designed to work across all age ranges and abilities. Guidance notes are included.

Each card provides a theoretical insight for practitioners, to support their work with children, and an associated practical and adaptable activities for young people to learn practically, playfully and creatively about that subject too.

These interactive cards can be used to strengthen a whole host of social and emotional competencies, critical thinking and self-leadership skills, and are already making a huge impact in other settings (Read more here)!

Our THRIVE cards are available for you to custom-design so they are unique to your own setting or organisation; you can add you logo, change the colours to reflect your own branding, create a new product, and even change some of the card content to reflect your organisation values and ethos.
You can also choose tins or boxes, square or radial corners.
Prices depend on how many packs you order, packaging style and changes you choose to the base-design. Minimal order required.

Find out how our beautiful THRIVE cards can work for you! Send us an enquiry and we’ll be in touch.


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