Healthy Brains, Thriving Minds

 “With Jo’s help I was able to work on my child’s self-belief…
To make her realise she is an amazing person.
The sheer delight at her realising she conquered something she thought unconquerable is so rewarding.”

Raising Emotionally Flourishing Children

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As much as we love our children, how many of us sometimes endure more than enjoy being a mum or dad? Their behaviours can be challenging, their choices confusing and their attitudes infuriating.
The books we look to for solutions can load guilt on guilt, as being a ‘peaceful‘ or ‘unconditional‘ parent remain a distant dream… Or we get lost down the google rabbit-hole in a futile search for answers.

Books and search-engines have their place, but will never give you insights created around your child.
We do. Approaching parenting from facts before philosophy, we start with this simple truth: 
Every thought, action, decision, behaviour and belief come from your child’s brain. 
Changing any of those things means changing what’s happening in their heads.

Through 1:1 support, e-learning, and our FREE Facebook group, we help parents to do just that; to decode some of the most common obstacles of child-raising, to understand and address the root-cause of problems; not just the symptoms; and to make informed and fearless choices about the most important job you’ll ever have. Find out more below… 

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FREE Facebook Group

Healthy Brains, Thriving Minds is a community of parents and professionals raising children with their ‘brains in mind’. 
Neuroscience is showing the impact of the human experience on how young brains develop and grow, and there’s no opting out; the brain is a product of it’s environmental conditions, whatever those conditions are. 

But childhood doesn’t last very long, so the time to start raising your kids with their brains in mind is now, not later! 
Find a range FREE of workshops in the ‘Guides’ section.  Join today!

“I’d read all the articles, bought the books,
used all the resources. I still felt helpless
and pushed to the limits of frustration…
We all want to help our kids but
sometimes we need help to do that”

Yvonne, ‘Insight Programme’ parent 

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1:1 'Insight' Sessions

Have you tried all the approaches you can think of to respond to your child’s behaviours, but still feel stuck?

Do you worry about their resilience or emotional health; their capacity to cope with the slings and arrows of life; but don’t know the best way forward?

Maybe you find yourself constantly frustrated that life with your child or adolescent just feels harder than it should, or exhausted by the battles or power-struggles that just don’t need to exisit?

Feeling drained, disconnected and defeated are the parts of parenthood we maybe weren’t prepared for, but you are not alone, and help is at hand.

‘Insight’ Sessions; 1:1 Support 

If you want to try 1:1 support, we start with an ‘Insight’ session.

During this 90 minute online session, together
we’ll dig deeper into what you’re struggling with, and explore the root cause of the problem, not just the symptom. 

I’ll then help you to put together a plan of simple tools and techniques, and practical actions based on the reality that your child is experiencing, as well as you.

With this, you’ll be equipped to respond pro-actively, rather than reacting and firefighting, so at the end of the session, you’ll know exactly what you can do next time the challenging situation arises.

Instead of second-guessing yourself, trying yet another approach or just giving up, you’ll have the confidence to make informed and fearless parenting choices instead.

The Insight Session is £149.

This might be all you need to get to the heart of the problem and resolve it.

But if you then decide that ongoing support would be helpful, we can then offer a programme of 60 minutes sessions; typically between 6-10; designed to be flexible  according to what suits you best. 

Enquire about an Insight session here.

“Jo’s ability to share her theoretical knowledge and transpose this into actionable practical techniques is brilliant, and was just what we needed.”

Sallie, ‘Insight’ parent


Our online learning platform is in development!
Designed for both parents, and professionals, our webinars, training and courses will share insights you’ll wish someone had told you before, alongside practical and realistic ways to action your learning. 
See what’s available here.   
There’s also a host of free workshops in the ‘Guides’ section of our FREE Facebook page. Join today!

“The workshop gave me the tools to approach an issue I’d been dealing ineffectively for many months. I made simple adjustments and within 48 hours there was a big difference in my
child’s behaviour.”

Laura, live workshop attendee 

Still not sure if we can help? Drop us a message to find out more. 
You won’t get a sales pitch and if you decide it’s not for you, that’s fine.