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“Thank you for wonderful training!
Even though it was recorded it so well presented. Jo is great not only in her knowledge but also how the material is put out for people to understand.”

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Well Within Reach has got big plans!
We share the theories and research that help make complex subjects easier to understand, simple insights that can transform the way we interact with the children and young people in our lives, and practical and actionable approaches to support the journey of living and working with them.

By offering these through e-learning courses and webinars, our mission is to share the best of what we know and understand to parents and professionals across the world!

Annual licenses will be available for organisations and agencies, enabling whole staff teams to access relevant e-learning flexibly,
and in their own time. If you’re interested in the possibility of licensed training, make an enquiry here.
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E-Learning Available Now

Understanding, Protecting and Strengthening Children's Self-Esteem

We often instinctively feel that our child has a problem with self-esteem (and usually we’re right!) but what does this even mean? 
And how do we support a child with self-esteem if we don’t really know what it is?

This FREE 40 minute webinar shares a simple framework to help explain self-esteem in component parts, thus enabling you to understand and most effectively strengthen in in the children you live and work with. 
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Circle Thriving Minds

“An enlightening, insightful and formative introduction to what can only be described as an invaluable subject”

Tutor For Excluded Learners