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“This amazing session gave us insight and tools to help us support our families who experience HUGE changes.
We learned the importance of giving meaningful Hello’s and Goodbyes in supporting our children’s transition”

EDAN (Ending Domestic Abuse Now) Children’s Team

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Why We Do What We Do…


Why We Do
What We Do…

Whether children or adults; people who are emotionally and socially competent have a more positive influence over their own outcomes than those who don’t.

They are the leaders of their own learning, the CEO’s of their emotions and the beholders of sound self-esteem and resilience.
Ultimately, they are well equipped to navigate and direct their own journeys towards adulthood and throughout life; to create strong social bonds and to lead rich, fulfilling lives. Who doesn’t want that?


“Insightful, Enlightening & Illuminating…”

We do not have a vision to ‘change lives’ but to change how people look at them.
So often, the possibility of meaningful and lasting change is just beneath the surface but, without knowledge, this change is beyond our reach…
We are literally ‘in the dark’.

Simply by sharpening the lens, we can make a transformational difference, unearthing the extraordinary capacity of both children and adults to learn well, do well and be well.


Supporting Change “From The Inside Out”…

How many of us expend so much energy dealing with issues around engagement, behaviour, attitudes, wellbeing etc.; that we seldom have the resources to even understand why these difficulties occur?

With a particular specialism in demystifying the secrets of the brain, we help explain the challenges that affect so many aspects of so many lives. These insights will help you to unlock cognitive, social & emotional strength, by nurturing the development of those you live and work with, ‘from the inside out’.


Who We

We’re East Midlands based but deliver our services nationally with a range of agencies across education, social and mental health care, family intervention, offending services and more. Visit our What We’re Up To page to find out who we’ve helped and how.

We also work with mums and dads who want more personalised support than parenting books or google searches; 1:1 input to overcome the daily dilemmas or longer term challenges that can crop up anywhere on the parenting journey!
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