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Why Angels Fly; A guest Blog by “the Old Wolf”…

A few weeks ago , I received an email in response to “Finding the Light in Dark Times”.
It moved to to such an extent that I asked for permission from “The Old Wolf” to use it as a guest blog.
Thankfully he said yes! Enjoy!

Guest Blog by “The Old Wolf”
I believe we are the sum total of our experiences. Yes we will be changed by this. How could we not be? It has shaken our complacency and our belief system. We have had to submit meekly to massive changes and restrictions. But time is a great healer. Just like our forebears did in two world wars we will prevail, we will overcome, and we will recover from this.

The human spirit is indomitable and unquenchable. As things return to normal we will move on, and though we won’t forget this will, in time, fade into memory, like a distant and half remembered dream. Yes, we will have changed, both people and society, and there will be challenging times as we adapt to the changes in work for example.

But there are exciting times ahead too. New and rapid ways of responding to threats like this will be discovered. Already scientists are working on being able to produce vaccines to new threats within weeks or months, and the Covid vaccine is being synthesised into tablet form.

And a super-laboratory is being built in the UK with the sole objective of identifying future threats and developing rapid treatments and cures. Just imagine if all of those come to fruition. A vaccine to a new threat could be developed in weeks, speedily developed in tablet form thanks to the private sector, and sent in a few days to every household in the UK via Amazon, Royal mail, etc. We could immunise an entire population in a week or two!

Even more promising, scientists have isolated the genetic triggers that cause aging and are working on reversing them so we stay fit and healthy as we get older. This would reduce the risk of serious illness and death to older people from virus outbreaks in the future too.

As someone once famously said. “May we live in exciting times”. We grow and learn by experience, and sometimes by hardship.
To quote a favourite of mine from Thackeray’s “The Rose and the Ring” … where the fairy Blackstick exclaims “The best thing I could wish for you my child is a little misfortune”

So yes I believe we will learn and we will grow. And to an extent too, we will shrug our shoulders and move on, because life moves on, and so must we. So like the angels, let’s take ourselves lightly, and enjoy life every day in every way we can.

About the author…
For professional reasons, “The Old Wolf” chooses not to be identified through this blog post. He is a father of one child, and after years of dealing unsuccessfully with severe behavioural issues was introduced to NVR (Non Violent Resistance ) which he found was very helpful in helping his child. He went on to qualify in NVR, and to work with CAMHS to successfully deliver courses in it to support parents to dealing with a range of behavioural issues in their children.

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