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Feeling, not finding, the light in dark times…

“Lightly, child, lightly. You must learn to do everything lightly…”

Whenever I sit down to write, I‘m always in two minds; When it’s all consuming everywhere else, do I even mention Covid today? Wouldn’t it be better to offer something different? 
Or do I hold up the mirror and acknowledge that we’re living through a story that, until recently, we’d have expected from a film plot, not real life? 

I’m sure I’m not the only one who can’t not wonder whether we’ll come out of the other side more resilient, or less? 
Whether life will be filled with an ease & flow we never appreciated before, or whether ‘just getting through each day’; coping, managing, surviving, keeping our heads above water; all these things that have become the norm are just holding back the tidal wave of emotion that we don’t have the inner-resources to let in just now. 

Which of us aren’t asking ourselves whether the children we teach, support or love will flourish in their eventual new found freedom then, or flounder in the aftermath of a childhood gone wrong?

For reasons only my subconsciousness can answer, these long-ago heard words sprang back to mind a few days ago, and they feel very pertinent on yet another cold, wet, grey day. So I’m just going with my gut and that is what I’m sharing today…

The relentless questions we ask ourselves; about when this will end; how the future will could play out, whether we can even trust it ever again; just by themselves, are heavy.

As important as it is to hang on to hope & optimism, can we also accept, lightly, that our days are burdened with a weight we didn’t choose, don’t like and don’t want to carry?

To ‘walk lightly’ through these times is of course more challenging in practice than in theory, but there is still truth in the sentiment. 

“Feel lightly, even though you are feeling deeply. Just lightly let things happen and lightly cope this them….”

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