Learning, Doing and Being Well, Seen in a Different Light...


I’m Jo Stockdale, and I founded Well Within Reach because children’s social and emotional competence and wellbeing is more important now than ever before.

We don’t promote active lifestyles or a good diet once children become unhealthy.
We don’t implement dental care only after cavities appear.
And yet this is largely the approach to young mental health; they’re fine until they’re not, and their wellbeing only becomes a priority once a young person is in difficulty or crisis.
In a world filled with uncertainty, negativity and inescapable pressures, children need more, and deserve better.  

Let’s stop firefighting the symptoms of poor wellbeing – challenging behaviour, disengagement, disenchanted attitudes – and ask why so many young people are struggling to begin with. Let’s hear less about ‘coping skills’, and give them less to cope with. 

It’s time we stopped valuing adults’ power over young people – rules, control, sanctions etc. – and started teaching them to strengthen and use their own. It’s time to stop settling for ‘they’ll survive’ and instead insist that they thrive
If you’re a like-minded soul, you’re in the right place!